Newman and Player

Player Follows His Coach to Assist with Titan Basketball Team

Andy Newman is Promoted to Associate Coach

May 14, 2007


There’s a lot of history between Andy Newman and Bob Burton, head coach of the Titan men’s basketball coach.

They first met when Newman joined the West Valley (Saratoga, CA) College basketball team and Burton was coach. Newman played for two years as point guard, and then moved on to play for Southern Utah and Azusa Pacific, where he graduated in 1998 with a degree in business administration.

Newman returned to his alma mater, West Valley, becoming assistant coach under Burton. During his two-year tenure there, Newman served as recruiting coordinator, offensive coach and in charge of perimeter skill development. He served a year at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa and then moved to Fresno State in 2002, where he once again worked with Bob Burton.

For the last four years, Burton and Newman have once again been a team as head and assistant. Last week, Newman was promoted to associate coach for the Titans.

“Coach has been a huge impact on my life,” said Newman, who will continue to handle scouting, recruitment and game preparation for the Titans. “Whenever you play for someone, they take on a father figure role … there’s a huge sense of loyalty.”       

The feeling has been mutual.

“Andy has been an integral part of turning this program around,” said Burton, who has garnered a 68-51 record in four seasons with the Titans. “It’s most deserving that he gets the title and additional responsibilities. He’s really good.”

“It’s been awesome,” said Newman, who brags about the Titans record under Burton. Newman admits that he has been asked why he doesn’t strike out on his own, work with other coaches, but the reason is obvious to him: “When you’re with the best, why change?”


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