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Rosalina Camacho Ponders Women’s Role in Society Today

March 20, 2007

By Mimi Ko Cruz

As Cal State Fullerton celebrates Women’s History Month, Rosalina Camacho, coordinator of the university’s Women’s Cultural Resource Centers, shares her thoughts.

Q: Why do we celebrate Women's History Month?
A: “We celebrate Women’s History Month to share the accomplishments and contributions of women in society today. Not too long ago, women were not seen as contributors to society and I think it’s important to highlight the roles women play in our world. Also, we mark Women’s History Month to discuss the issues that affect women directly, such as domestic violence, inequality in salaries, sex discrimination, women’s rights, gender roles, activism and research. Women in the United States and, especially in college, should learn about the inequalities women are facing all around the world, and the struggles and activism that women in third world countries are dealing with each day. We need to educate men and women about the fact that women are being killed all around the world for standing up for health care, education, basic human rights and government injustice.”

Q: What is a woman’s role in society today?
A: “I don’t think women are completely equal to men. There are people who still devalue women’s work. I still believe that women are being paid less than men when they hold the same positions.”

Q: What do you think is the future for women in this country?
A: “I feel that women in this country have come a long way but we still are not there. I think someday we will have a woman president but I’m sure it will be soon. Sorry, Hillary.”


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