Stan Breckenridge - CD Cover - This is My Song

CD Cover: This is My Song

Musicologist Stan Breckenridge Has New CD

“This is My Song” Features Variety of Styles

November 19, 2007

By Pam McLaren

Musicologist Stan Breckenridge has studied, performed and lectured on African-American for a number of years. He has traveled to Poland to teach and share his love of music, including the range of African-American music.

Earlier this year, the lecturer in Afro-Ethnic studies saw the release of his latest CD, “This is My Song.”

The collection of work is his fifth CD by Liberal Latitudes and features 10 original songs.

“This CD is a compilation of my past 30 years as a performer and covers a compilation of the different styles of music that I have performed,” said Breckenridge. “Its like saying this is my story — this is who I am.

“I also wanted something that included a number of different instruments,” He added, noting that most of his previous recordings were mostly piano. “The title song, with the same name as the CD, features me playing guitar. I recorded with other musicians and then I synthesized various parts, as well.”

Breckenridge — who holds a bachelor’s degree from Cal State Fullerton, as well as a master’s degree and doctorate from Claremont Graduate School — began his love of music at an early age, growing up in a household filled with music. In 1969, he was selected as a “Super Pepsi Battle of the Bands” winner — a designation similar to today’s “American Idol” program, says the musicologist. In the 1970s, he made appearances with such luminaries as Bill Cosby, Rowan and Martin, and Nancy Sinatra.

“Our group, the Sematics, was heavily influenced by Motown,” he said. “We modeled ourselves after the Temptations. After we won the Battle of the Bands, we performed in numerous venues, including the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, the formerly known L.A. Forum and several television networks.” As winners, the group received a recording contract, a car, instruments and sound equipment, as well as cash.

Breckenridge joined Cal State Fullerton in 1988 and two years later, created the Afro-Ethnic Studies Community Ensemble — a group dedicated to presenting authentic accounts of African American music through performance. The group is composed of representatives from diverse cultures and experiences, including students, staff members, alumni and community members.

Two years ago, Breckenridge was named a Fulbright Scholar in Poland where he taught “History of Rock,” “African-American Music Appreciation” and “African-Americans in the Performing Arts” at Marie Curie Sklodowska University. “The Polish students were quite interested in African American music,” he recalled. “It was quite amazing. I found some of the Polish students were more attuned to African American music than their American counterparts.”

Breckenridge continues to compose, perform and produce. His latest composition includes the jingle for a Clos du Bois website commercial, which is available at (click the wine icon to hear the composition).


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