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Titan Student Union Food Court to Get Face Lift

Improvements planned to enhance the university experience and encourage sense of community

November 7, 2006

By Pamela McLaren

The Titan Student Union food court will kick off the spring semester with a whole new look and feel — not only an update of the décor but changes to better serve the campus community.
 “It’s one of the things that we’re doing in response to what students have asked for,” said Kurt Borsting, Titan Student Union director. “While many students commute to campus, they don’t want to feel as if they’re in a commuter environment when at lunch. They’ve said they want a more collegial atmosphere.”

Fourt Court in 1980s
Students dine in the Titan Student Food Court, circa 1980s.

As student enrollment has increased, so has the number of students seeking a place to enjoy a meal, said Borsting. Students also are meeting in large, as well as small, groups, therefore, requiring a change from the current “sea of tables for four,” Borsting added. In the works will be a layout that offers a greater variety in seating options, as well as a more restaurant feel.

Fourt Court Renovation
As work completed on the new food court, then-ASI administrator William Pollock and then-center director Harvey McKee stopped for a brief chat along the food counter next to the carpeted dining room.

Over the summer some changes were already put into place, including updates to the “Busy Bee” Asian-fare food concept.  “Woks and exhaust hoods have been relocated up front, so menu ideas can be prepared throughout the day, in the view of customers.”  In addition to improved display cooking and an emphasis on freshly prepared items, the food court also is catering to those on the run.

Food Court Renovation
Kurt Borsting, Titan Student Union director, and Anna Santos, chair of the TSU governing board for 2006-07, discuss the summer renovations that were made to the Busy Bee area in the TSU food court. The renovations were only part of the changes going on in the area. Woks and exhaust hoods were relocated so food could be prepared throughout the day in view of the customers, said Borsting.

“The Auxiliary Services Corporation, the food court operator, is offering more quality ‘grab and go’ items,” for those individuals who can’t stop and dine in the food court, he said.
Other food service related changes are afoot in the student union, Borsting noted.  Enhancement to the union’s outdoor seating areas were made last year, including new tables, chairs and umbrellas in both the Garden Café and student union courtyard; a bubbling courtyard fountain; and speakers playing ambient music throughout the spaces.  

Food Court Fountain
Another recent addition to the Titan Student Union is this bubbling fountain in the outside courtyard off the food court. There’s also ambient music throughout the area.

“We hope that these improvements at the student union enhance the university experience and help create a better sense of community,” said Borsting.


Cafeteria Renovation
Kurt Borsting, Titan Student Union director, with the artist rendering of the new TSU food court.