Before it became Cal State Fullerton, the site once was Native American land, and then citrus ranches.

The founding faculty, from left, standing: Seth Fessenden, E.C. Newscom, Miles McCarthy and Lawrence B. de Graaf. Seated, from left: Lester Beals, Earnest Toy Jr., Barbara Hartsig and William Alamshah.

This running admissions report on a blackboard reflects the technology and informal labeling of students in the fall of 1959.

The first issue of the student newspaper, "The Titan Times," was published on Jan. 4, 1960.

Counseling was offered to students who were being drafted for the war in Vietnam.

Student protests, by the end of the 1960s, were common on campus. In 1966, these students marched under the banner of SWINE (Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything).

Keypunch machines were used to keep campus statistical records in the 1970s.

The Dalai Lama, right, visited Cal State Fullerton in 2000.

Pictured here during Cal State Fullerton's 40th anniversary commencement are, from left: astronaut Tracy Caldwell, CSUF alumna; former CSUF presidents L. Donald Shields and Jewel Plummer Cobb; Martha McCarthy; President Milton A. Gordon and the son of the university's first president William B. Langsdorf.