Eileen Padberg at a rooftop bunker in Baghdad.

Eileen Padberg at a rooftop bunker in Baghdad.

A View of Iraq From the Inside

Eileen Padberg to Talk of Efforts to Empower Iraqi Women

April 22, 2008

By Gail Matsunaga

In 2004, Eileen Padberg jumped at the opportunity to travel to Iraq, with the focus of helping Iraqi women participate in whatever economic recovery democracy promised.

On April 23, she will recount her journey a six-month commitment that stretched to 22 months during her presentation "A Civilian's View of Life in Iraq and the Way Forward for Iraqi Women" as part of Cal State Fullerton's Women & Philanthropy speakers series.

The 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. talk will be held at Alta Vista Country, 777 E. Alta Vista St., Placentia. Tickets are $25 per person and may be ordered by calling 278-4732.

President of her own consulting firm, Padberg has served as a political consultant and strategist to elected officials at all levels of government, including managing the 1986 mayoral campaign for Clint Eastwood and serving as the regional political director for George Bush's 1988 presidential campaign for California, Hawaii and Nevada.

She is a consultant to an international organization that works with emerging democracies, and traveled worldwide to provide political training for countries such as the former Soviet Union, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Guatemala.

As a community activist, Padberg has been recognized for her work with women, encouraging them to participate as elected officials and providing training programs to run and win political campaigns.

Cal State Fullerton's Women & Philanthropy network is an organization that brings together successful women leaders who value CSUF's educational mission and its effect on our communities. Its members are educated on the impact of philanthropy, presented with programs on professional and social topics, and have the opportunity to meet other dynamic and interesting women.

The Women & Philanthropy network also provides opportunities for women to take on leadership roles at the university and help shape its future. For more information, go to www.fullerton.edu/supportCSUF/women.

Eileen Padberg with American soldiers at a landfill.
American soldiers at a landfill.

Eileen Padberg in passenger berth of a military cargo plane.
Typical form of transportation when traveling around Iraq.

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