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Science Behind Video Games, Animated Movies Explained

Computer Scientist Tells How to Make Three-Legged Alien Walk

Michael Shafae


With snippets of video games and computer animation to make his points, Cal State Fullerton’s Michael Shafae, assistant professor of computer science, will explain the science behind computer-animated movies and popular video games. Shafae’s talk is the focus of the Nov. 13 College of Engineering and Computer Science-sponsored Technology Breakfast.


Thursday, Nov. 13, 7:30 a.m.


Fullerton Marriott, 2701 E. Nutwood Ave., Fullerton, on the southeast corner of the campus


“Often derided as chewing gum for the mind, video games, as software systems, pose interesting engineering challenges and are used as an excellent teaching vehicle for a breadth of computer science topics,” said Shafae. “It is the computer scientist with his programming and algorithms who figures out how to make a three-legged alien in the game “Spore” walk like it has three legs, and the two-legged and four-legged characters in ‘Shrek’ move correctly. There even have to be modifications to how she moves when Princess Fiona is svelte and when she is large and green.”


Free for College of Engineering and Computer Science Affiliates and CSUF campus members and alumni; $10 for all others




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