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Cal State Fullerton Enrollment at Record High
Student Population Climbs to More than 37,000

Oct. 30, 2007 :: No. 86

More students are attending Cal State Fullerton than ever before. A record 37,130 students are enrolled in classes this fall, according to census figures compiled by Admissions and Records and the university’s Office of Institutional Research and Analytical Studies.

The university continues to be a popular destination for the region as enrollment increased by 1,209 from the fall 2006 tally. First-time freshmen increased to 4,028 this fall, an increase of 358 from last year’s figure of 3,670.

In addition, for the ninth consecutive year, CSUF remains the No. 1 destination among California’s public universities for the state’s community college transfer students. This fall,  3,991 new upper-division transfer students — up 112 from last fall — joined the student body.

“Since 1995, our fall student population has steadily grown,” said Ephraim Smith, vice president for academic affairs, noting that student enrollment in fall 1995 was 22,604. Applications for admission that fall totaled 17,843.

“Applications have been and continue to be extremely strong — more than 50,000 students sent applications in for this fall — an increase of more than 2,400 from the year before, and we’re now accepting applications for spring and fall 2008,” Smith added.

This fall, more than 65 percent of the student body is enrolled for 12 or more units. Female students remain in the majority with 59 percent of the population. At CSUF’s Irvine Campus, enrollment remains steady at about 3,000, with almost 1,000 students attending courses solely at the university’s branch campus.

Also a record this fall is the university’s full-time equivalent students (FTES) count of 27,613 — up 1,069 from last year’s tally. One FTE equals 15 units for undergraduate/post- baccalaureate students or 12 units for graduate students and is the basis for allocating state funding to the campus.

Census data also reflect the diversity of the student body. Hispanics now constitute 28 percent of the student population, Asians/Pacific Islanders 22 percent and whites 32 percent. Blacks account for 4 percent, and international students also constitute 4 percent of the enrollment. Another nearly 10 percent of students decline to state their ethnicity.

For prospective students, applications for the spring semester still are being accepted. The university began accepting applications for the fall 2008 semester Oct. 1, and that window will close Nov. 30 for first-time freshmen.


Media Contacts:

Ephraim Smith, Academic Affairs, 657-278-2615 or
Paula Selleck, Public Affairs, 657-278-4856 or

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