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Cal State Fullerton Professor Designing Program That Reduces Trial and Error
Electrical engineering professor has created software to simulate the engineering design process.

May 17, 2006 :: No. 248

Saving companies time, energy and money is the idea behind John Clymer’s latest research project. A professor of electrical engineering at Cal State Fullerton, Clymer has consulted for Boeing, Raytheon, Rockwell International and the U.S. Navy.

His past simulation projects include models for traffic control and war simulation. Clymer is currently designing a computer program that graphically simulates the system engineering design process. In this system, the project manager uses a numerical set of inputs to represent such things such as time, number of workers and their skill level, as well as cost.

The software will provide companies with the means to determine whether a project can be completed within an allotted time frame and with the available financial resources. If the project cannot be done with the specified criteria, a list of options is generated outlining additional resources required to meet the deadline.

Another feature of the program is that it provides information on the likelihood of problems that could arise during production and will offer suggestions about how to avoid them. Once the design project is under way, if it gets off track, the program will offer ideas on how to get back on course.

“This is something that is worthwhile to all types of companies because it helps project managers optimize their resources and, as a result, productivity is increased,” noted Clymer. “Since trial and error, as well as conflicts over what should be done next, are reduced, the team will start to work together.”

Clymer joined the university faculty in 1982. He teaches courses in computer engineering and systems engineering, including a new class he started this spring, in the system engineering process. “Defense contractors have asked for students to be trained in this aspect of engineering,” said Clymer.


Media Contacts:

John Clymer, Electrical Engineering, 657-278-3708 or
Linda Caplette, Public Affairs, 657-278-4007 or

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John Clymer
John Clymer

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