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Business Fundraising Campaign Continues to Receive Support
Pledges continue to pour in for Mihaylo Hall fundraiser.

Feb. 2, 2006
by Gail Matsunaga

When the College of Business and Economics recently held their groundbreaking for the future Steven G. Mihaylo Hall, they also were celebrating the broad support that they have received from alumni and business supporters.

Among the recent pledges to the College of Business and Economics’ $15 million campaign are: Joseph Moderow (B.A. economics ’70), retired senior vice president and general counsel for UPS, $100,000; Geoff Payne (B.A. business administration ’80), Tahiti Partners Real Estate Development Corp., $100,000 to name the Department of Finance Suite; Daniel C. Struve (B.A. business administration ’71), chairman and CEO of Helpmates Staffing Services, $100,000 to name the Center for Entrepreneurship suite; Bob Taylor (B.A. business administration ’67, M.B.A. ’73), president of the REMM Group, $100,000; Debra Luther (B.A. business administration ’80), president of Exceptional Restaurants, $25,000 to name the Student Affairs Center; Rose Barres, $10,000 to name the student breakout room; and Jeff Van Harte (B.A. business administration ’80), chief investment officer for the growth team at Delaware Investments, $10,000.

Other campaign commitments include: Bob Grant (B.A. business administration ’66), retired office managing partner of Deloitte & Touche LLP, $50,000; Eric Openshaw (B.A. business administration ’77), national managing director, TMT Group, Deloitte Consulting LLP, $50,000; and Corinne Baughman (B.A. business administration ’84), tax partner, Moss Adams LLP, $25,000.

Donations to departments include: Sally Anderson, managing partner at Ernst & Young, $25,000 to Accounting; Dan Hann (B.A. economics ’77), senior vice president and general counsel for Biomet Corp., $25,000 to Economics; Bank of America, $25,000 to Marketing/Business Writing to launch a new program, Fit for the World of Work; and Moss Adams, $20,000 to Accounting.

Among the contributions to the Center for Insurance Studies are: Mercury Insurance, $60,000; Zenith Insurance Co., $50,000; Frank Robitaille, president of Armstrong/Robitaille, $25,000; Pacific Life, $25,000; and Automobile Club, $17,000.

Supporting the Center for Entrepreneurship are: Earl Brown and American Mortgage Planners, $37,500; Stein family and Principal Technical Services, $25,000; Manek family and Vesuki, $25,000; Laurie Resnick and the Associated Group, $25,000; Ken Guchereau (B.A. business administration ’74), chief financial officer of Craig Realty Group, $25,000; Wally Hicks and Affluent Living Publications, $25,000; Michael Ames and Business Plan Evaluation, $25,000; Arthur Villa and Breakthrough Business, $25,000; and Gregory Beck and Beck and Christian, $12,500.

The Stein family and Principal Technical Services also has pledged $25,000 to the Family Business Council, and the estate of Michael Reagan (B.A. business administration ’67, M.B.A. ’69) has made additional bequests of $670,000 to benefit graduate scholarships.

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