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Cal State Fullerton Student Enrollment Hits Highest Mark
Cal State Fullerton's fall enrollment of nearly 36,000 students has set an all-time record at the university.

November 14, 2006 :: No. 75

Cal State Fullerton’s fall enrollment of nearly 36,000 students has set an all-time record at the university.

The fall semester census count of 35,921 is an increase of 881 students over last year’s enrollment of 35,040, which climbed 2,296 higher than the previous fall.

This year’s record enrollment stems from the largest number of applications received in the university’s history — more than 46,000.

“I’m very proud of these numbers,” said CSUF President Milton A. Gordon. “Students want to come to Cal State Fullerton because of our reputation of providing a quality academic and student services experience and because of our success in graduating those admitted to the university.”

Cal State Fullerton welcomed more than 11,900 new students this fall, including 3,851 first-time freshmen. The overall number of undergraduates totals 28,914.

Included in the count are 3,041 students attending the CSUF Irvine Campus, almost 1,000 of which are attending classes exclusively at the branch campus. The opening this fall of a second building at the Irvine Campus added 16,000 square feet of space for growth and includes a Community Learning and Literacy Center offering one-on-one tutoring by graduate students for community members.

Census data also reflect the steadily increasing diversity of the student body. Hispanics now constitute 27 percent of the enrollment, while Asians/Pacific Islanders are 22 percent of the student body, and whites have dropped to 33 percent. International students are 4 percent of the enrollment, blacks are 3 percent and American Indians 1 percent. Another 10 percent of students are of unknown ethnicity.

Other data from the fall 2006 census indicate that 64 percent of the student body is enrolled in 12 or more units, and female students remain in the majority at 59 percent of the enrollment. Additionally, the full-time-equivalent students (FTES) count is at a record high of 27,025. One FTE equals 15 units for undergraduate/ postbaccalaureate students or 12 units for graduate students and is the basis for allocating state funding to the campus.

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