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First-Year Teachers From CSUF Perform Above CSU Average
The university's well-regarded teaching program and its faculty are credited for Fullerton's high marks.

March 17, 2006 :: No. 168

First-year teachers from Cal State Fullerton perform above the California State University average in every category in which teachers are rated, according to the latest systemwide evaluation. The results were announced at this week's meetings of the CSU Board of Trustees.

The fifth annual CSU teacher preparation program evaluation reports how well the CSU campuses are preparing instructors for teaching elementary, middle and high school students.

A total of 3,690 randomly selected first-year teachers, including 378 from Cal State Fullerton, were evaluated by their supervisors during the 2004-05 academic year. The supervisors assessed the teachers throughout the year by observing them during instruction and by discussing teaching practices with them.

Among first-year teachers who completed teacher preparation programs at Cal State Fullerton, 87 percent were found to be adequately to well-prepared to teach reading in grades K-8; while 83 percent of teachers from the CSU overall achieved this rating. How first-year teachers fared in other subject areas:

  • English (7-12): CSUF-84%, CSU-81%
  • Mathematics (K-8): CSUF-84%, CSU-82%
  • Mathematics (9-12): CSUF-92%, CSU-85%
  • Reading Skills in Content Classes (7-12): CSUF-83%, CSU-74%

The survey also addressed teaching skills. These percentages indicate those found to be adequately to well-prepared to:

  • use technology: CSUF-78%, CSU-73%
  • use good teaching practices: CSUF-83%, CSU-78%
  • assess and reflect upon student work: CSUF-84%, CSU-79%
  • teach to diverse populations and to address equity and diversity in the classroom: CSUF-82%, CSU-76%
  • teach English learners: CSUF-83%, CSU-79%
  • teach middle grades (4-8): CSUF-77%, CSU-74%
  • teach high school (9-12): CSUF-87%, CSU-78%

"Fullerton's strong scores are a confirmation that accepting only highly qualified candidates into our teacher preparation programs, having them instructed by truly exceptional faculty, placing them in the best schools available and having them student teach with highly qualified master teachers produces individuals ready to step successfully into the classroom," said Ashley Bishop, acting dean of the College of Education. "Of course, we can do better and have formed close partnerships with Southern California school districts to continually gain the insights necessary to enrich and improve our teacher preparation programs."

Much of the credit for the university's well-regarded teaching programs can be attributed to the faculty, noted Carmen Zuniga Dunlap, associate dean of the CSUF College of Education, which has 66 full-time and 165 part-time faculty members.

"We're very pleased that our students do so well," she said. "We certainly provide this region with teachers who are prepared."

In the 2003-04 academic year, 885 CSUF students completed the university's preliminary teaching credential program. Of that figure, 568 students (64%), also earned their bachelor's degrees at Fullerton. The rest completed degree programs at other colleges and universities within and outside the CSU system.


Media Contacts:

Carmen Zuniga Dunlap, College of Education,
657-278-2554 or
Mimi Ko Cruz, Public Affairs,  657-278-7586 or

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