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Cal State Fullerton’s Spring Enrollment Breaks Records
Enrollment for this semester numbers 33,413 students - the largest in the university's history

March 21, 2005 :: No. 158

Cal State Fullerton’s enrollment has reached a new high. According to spring census figures compiled by the offices of Admissions and Records, and Institutional Research and Analytical Studies, 33,413 students are attending classes this semester — the largest number of students enrolled for a single semester in the university’s history.

The figure is nearly 1,000 students more than the fall 2004 tally of 32,744 and is almost 2,000 higher than the former record spring enrollment of 31,545 in 2003. Last spring, due to decreases in state support for the California State University system, CSUF curtailed enrollment that semester when 30,925 students were counted.

“This spring we were able to accommodate a large number of upper-division transfer students,” said Ephraim Smith, vice president for academic affairs. “We’re pleased that we are able to help these students continue their educational pursuits and that Cal State Fullerton remains the campus of first choice among transfer students in California.”

In addition, the spring full-time-equivalent student (FTES) count of 24,648 also is a university record. The previous high count, recorded last fall, was 24,142. One FTE equals 15 units of student course work and is the basis for allocating state funding to the campus.

Female students remain in the majority at 60 percent. Also, a majority of university students are enrolled in 12 or more units.

Enrollment at the university’s El Toro Campus has grown to 3,268, up from 3,034 in the fall.

The university’s enrollment tally was recorded after four weeks of classes — the official census point.


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