Faculty Promotions

Forty-Seven Receive Promotions and/or Tenure

Forty-seven faculty members, including one librarian, kicked off the fall semester with promotions. In the mix are 23 new professors and 22 assistant professors who now carry the title associate professor, according to Faculty Affairs and Records. All promotions and tenure became effective Aug. 19.

Promoted from associate to professor (those who also received tenure are noted with an asterisk) are:
Alfonso Agnew, Mathematics
Philip Armstrong, Geological Sciences
Mitchell Avila, Philosophy
Heather Battaly, Philosophy
Radha Bhattacharya, Economics
David Bowman, Geological Sciences
Cheryl Canary, Nursing
Jared Coburn, Kinesiology
Peter Delijser, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Barbara Glaeser, Special Education
Timothy Green, Elementary and Bilingual Education
Cynthia Greenberg, Nursing
Mitchell Hanlon, Theatre and Dance *
Pawel Kalczynski, Information Systems and Decision Sciences *
Kari Knutson-Miller, Child and Adolescent Studies
Matthew Lancellotti, Marketing *
Michael Loverude, Physics
Weili Lu, Finance *
Christopher Ryu, Computer Science
Eriko Self, Psychology
HyeKyeung Seung, Human Communication Studies *
Ofir Turel, Information Systems and Decision Sciences *
Dawit Zerom, Information Systems and Decision Sciences *

John Hickok, Pollak Library, was promoted to librarian.

Promoted from assistant to associate professors (those who also received tenure are noted with an asterisk) are:
Wayne Au, Secondary Education
Gulhan Bourget, Mathematics *
Matthew Calarco, Philosophy *
Robert Castro, Chicana and Chicano Studies *
Barbara Cherry, Psychology *
John Davis, Philosophy *
Rebecca Dolhinow, Women’s Studies *
Eve Himmelheber, Theatre and Dance *
Elizabeth Holster, Art *
Robert Istad, Music *
Volker Janssen, History *
Margaret Kidd, Mathematics *
Laura Lohman, Music *
Ryan Nichols, Philsophy *
Eliza Noh, Asian-American Studies*
Valerie O’Regan, Political Science*
Ionel Tifrea, Physics
Jennifer Trevitt-Carlson, Psychology *
Allison Varzally, History *
Chen Wang, Art *
Jing Yang, Finance *
Danielle Zacherl, Biological Science *

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